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Which blaster to choose?

Which CRYONOMIC dry ice blaster is most suitable for you ?


The choice of the most suitable dry ice blaster should be based on a short analysis of the desired applications of the unit. Mind that every Cryonomic-gun (and thus every Cryonomic machine) can be equipped with the Cryonomic pelletcrusher (optional) in order to create small particles for low aggression cleaning, cleaning with a broader spread of small-size pellets, or cleaning of complex geometries or spots that are hard to reach with standard 3 mm pellets. This pelletcrusher is easy to mount, small, light and ergonomic and can be used with every Cryonomic nozzle (fully nozzle-independent). It cuts pellets into smaller particles without creating any airflow deviations or unnecesary sublimation of dry ice. It does not make use of physical pellet obstacles that break the pellets by blocking them.

We distinguish 4 types of applications :

1. One-Hose Applications

2. Two-Hose Applications

3. Dry Ice Gritblasting

4. Automatisations and engineered solutions


1. One-Hose Applications

• Focalised up to medium size cleaning applications, for low and high pressure applications

• High cleaning efficiency with low air consumption

• light and easy manipulation of the gun - ERGONOMICS

Examples : Relatively technical dry ice blasting applications : Moulds, products, machines and tooling, motors, vehicles, soft & low-pressure cleaning applications (e.g. electrical cabinets), small, medium-size and large-size cleaning applications where highest ergonomy of blastgun and equipment is required. Cryonomic One-Hose Blasters : COB 62 COB 62+ COB 71 COMBI (Note : COMBI–Blasters can be used as one-hose and two-hose blasters)


2. Two-hose Applications

• very fast cleaning of medium-size and large-size applications

• cleaning at very long distance from the machine, vertically and horizontally (hose length up to 100m possible)

• Considerable economics on dry ice consumption due to seperate and controlled low-pressure dry ice transport in a additional second dry ice transport hose

• recommended for cleaning of mainly flat surfaces or large (and very large) dry ice cleaning jobs with relatively limited technical and ergonomical requirements, focusing on high speed and low dry ice consumption.

Examples : Cleaning of façades, asbestos removal, cleaning of buildings, vertical cleaning, cleaning of entire buildings after fire or flood disaster, cleaning of machines, tanks, tools of important size etc. Cryonomic Two-Hose Blasters COMBI CAB 72 NOTE : COMBI –Blasters can be used as one-hose and two-hose blasters


3. Dry ice grit blasting

• New applications resulting from joining both a minimum quantity of abrasive material and dry ice pellets

• considerably lower use of abrasive material compared to classic sand- or gritblasting (far less abrasive material, less dust)

• the only ecological gritblasting

Examples : Applications where applying grit is absolutely necessary because the desired cleaning or blasting result requires abrasive action (e.g. Rust removal, paint removal with roughening effect), abrasive blasting with cooling effect (preventing thermal deformations) as a preparation before galvanising, painting, powder coating etc. Cryonomic Machines for Dry Ice Gritblasting COB 62+ with Abrasive module COB 71 with Abrasive module COMBI with Abrasive module

4. Automatisations and engineered solutions

• One-Hose and Two-Hose applications on linear axis, multi-axis robots and engineered concepts and solutions

• can be integrated with a dry ice production unit (Pelletiser- Blaster-concept)

Examples : On-line Cleaning, automated cleaning before painting


All CRYONOMIC-Dry ice blasters can be applied for automatisation purposes

Which CRYONOMIC dry ice blaster is most suitable for you ?