Pulizia di stampi per pneumatici, ecc

The CRYONOMIC dry ice cleaning machines are highly recommended in the rubber industry for tire mould cleaning because cleaning with dry ice is time saving and increases the lifetime of tire moulds (dry ice is much softer than aluminium). There is also a drastic decrease in the time of removing residue and mould release agents. Our equipment has been used for many years for manual and semi-automatic cleaning of tire moulds all over the world and now customers can also install full automatic dry ice cleaning systems.

The testimonial by Mr. C., director of the company  V., a manufacturer of rubberized parts with customers in both SMEs and multinational companies speaks for itself: “The results exceeded all expectations; we have dramatically reduced the cleaning time on each of our tire moulds from 8 h to just 30 min, more than 90%. Dedicated cleaning cycles are no longer required as preventative maintenance schedules can be adopted which allow for equipment cleaning during production periods. We are able to clean the tire moulds on line whilst they are still at 300°C, thereby saving the company around 7 h in downtime.”


Videos of dry ice cleaning