Dry ice blasters, dry ice blasting solutions, dry ice production equipment and accessories

For over 20 years, Artimpex nv is manufacturer of dry ice blasters and dry ice production machines for professional and industrial purposes. 

In 1992 we decided to optimize the dry ice blasting technology available at that time, and adapted it to European quality standards and expectations. Ever since we produce and market dry ice blasters (single-hose, double-hose and combined dry ice blasting machines), dry ice pelletizers (dry ice production) and accessories (dry ice container and engineered products) under the CRYONOMIC ® brand name.

Our mission is to deliver products at competitive prices; dry ice blasting equipment  that excel  in terms of functionality, ergonomics, quality and efficiency. For dry ice blasting and dry ice grit blasting we take pride in providing exactly the solution our customers look for.

Today we take a leading position on the world market based on continuous research and development, technical expertise, customer focus and service. Our distributors and agents are experienced and trained professionals providing proper advice and ensuring technical support and customer service.

Dry ice cleaning is unique because it allows to clean without leaving any other waste:the blasted dry ice pellets disappear 100% after use!

Discover how almost 20 years of experience and a worldwide network meets your needs for Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment.
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- Powerful dry ice blasting with one-or two-hose configuration (horizontally and vertically extended up to 100 m from the machine)
- Dry Ice Gritblasting for surface- and cleaning professionals
- The new Dry ice blasting equipment COMBI 7 Series sets the standard for professional contractors